It is enough for me by day
To walk the same bright earth with him;
Enough that over us by night
The same great roof of stars is dim.

I have no care to bind the wind
Or set a fetter on the sea–
It is enough to feel his love
Blow like music over me.

-Sara Teasdale



No, it was clear as day to me that I did not feel all right. I felt brittle, tired, angry, hungry, and there was a pain, not a hunger pain but an ache that started in my chest and worked its way through my body and head. I felt that my views and philosophies had been changed overnight. I felt as though the magician of life had cruelly revealed his hidden cards and it wasn’t magic at all, just a mere trick of the mind. Or a lie. A hand reached into my heart and twisted it momentarily. It hurt.

-If You Could See Me Now